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More Evaluation Tools

Use these worksheets and tools to help evaluate the information you find online. If you're still unsure about its appropriateness for your paper, check with your instructor:

Evaluating with CRAAP

Use the following criteria to rate and evaluate the quality of any resource you encounter. If the the answers to these CRAAP criteria are weak, biased, or questionable, then you might want to consider finding a higher quality resource for your paper or project. You can use this printable check list to help with your evaluation:


 Is the publication or posting date appropriate? Has it been updated? Medical, technology, & certain topics require more currency than others.


How well does the source specifically address your research concepts? Does it address part or all of your topic question? Is the work written for an appropriate audience level? What age group is targeted or level of professional expertise is required for understanding the writing, for example.


Who is the creator (author, editor, organization, publisher, etc.)? What level of expertise do they have? What type of authority do they have--subject expertise, societal position, special experience? How does this creator apply or relate to the other evaluation criteria?


Is it easy to verify the information supplied in the source? Look for works cited lists, statistics, charts, & tables. Also look for information about publishers and other organizations affiliated with source--this could be funders, other sponsors, and corporate bodies. 


What is the goal or purpose of the creator? Is the creator up front about the purpose? What is the goal or purpose of other organizations affiliated with the source? Do they wish to inform, persuade, entertain, teach, sell? Do they seek to misinform or propagandize? Are there political, ideological, cultural, religious, institutional, or other personal biases present? Is the point of view impartial and objective? 

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