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Science & Math Research Guide

This guide covers information related to Biology, Geography/Geology, Mathematics, and Physics

Search Tips for BIOLOGY

  • When searching the database think about the different keywords and vocabulary associated with your topic and try MULTIPLE searches and databases
  • Keep your searches SIMPLE to start; the MORE search terms in your search the FEWER results you'll get
  • Use PHRASE searching when searching for multi-word terms to improve your results. This involves putting your search words in quotation marks when you search so the database searches for the terms together as a phrase. EXAMPLES:
    • "molecular biology"
    • "Albert Einstein"
    • "Paris Climate Accord"
  • LIMIT your results to specific time periods and dates using the FILTERS, LIMITERS, and ADVANCED SEARCH features

Biology: Citing Sources

The citation style typically used in the Biological and Physical Sciences is the American Psychological Associtation style (APA). Check with your instructor to see what style they require for their class. For additional citation resources, visit our Citation Resources page.

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